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Everyone dream to build one's carrier over technology apex but at the end every human wants to live under stress less, peaceful, healthy and green environment.

Start gardening with "Beauty & Greens"

Gardening is best way to maintain your mental health. What if u don't have your own backyards? We have balconies, if not terrace, of not atleast a bright light window.

Calendula plant in palamaner
Pea plant in palamaner

"We believe that Nature answers all our problems.

We fill up your Indoor and Outdoor spaces with Greens.

We help you see life emerging out from the seed.

We send you Greens to relieve all your stress.

We help you to feel the Beauty of Gardening."

Plant person always finds a way, we advice you plants according to your requirement, environment, sunlight availability, climate everything. Regardless, caring for something orther than yourself can be gratifying and purposeful. And as a bonus, the hard work will provide you beautiful blooms early morning and gives you tasty food. The idea of Beauty & Greens emerged from our own self experience when we moved back into nature after living an electronic life. A garden is an outdoor classroom. What a great way to teach young people about nature, about where their food comes from and about healthy eating habits. They are also more likely to eat vegetables if they have grown them themselves. Gardening helps the next generation connect with nature. They also will get great pride in the accomplishment of helping provide the food for the table.

Nothing tastes quite fresh like homegrown vegetables and herbs. Tilling the soil, planting, weeding, watering and harvesting gets you outdoors, breathing fresh air and burning a few calories while you’re at it. It’s also a great way to relax and get the stress out of your mind. You get to see new blooms everyday which are colourful, attracting butterflies. While you’re working up a sweat, you also know fresh-grown food is packed with nutrients, high in fiber and low in calories. You get to see an empty bin in the kitchen, the waste we throw is food for plants. Isn’t it amazing!

We want every person to experience this Amazing feeling. All varieties of fruits and vegetables are not grown everywhere commercially, But in your own garden, the sky's the limit. You can try all kinds of new things. The beautiful, colourful fresh blooms invite birds and insects to start live music.

Founder: Krishna Kishore

Co Founder and CEO: Kavya Prasad

CFO: Kala

Grown with Love in India

We grow them with utmost love, they love you back out of joy.

Prepared by experts for dispatch

Our experts take Special care for every product before dispatch to keep them healthy.

Packed and shipped with care

Packing and shipping is done under supervision of experts to reduce transit stress.

Purchase seeds, if u like watching them germinate.
Purchase plants, if you don't have much time to take care of delicate seedlings.
We provide you suggestions in all ways possible.
Gardening add years to your life & life to your years
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